5 Questions to Ask When Your Pool Needs Repairs (and the Answers)

Do you need a pool repair service? Here are a few questions you should ask beforehand and the answers.

For many homeowners having a pool is a great way to boost their property values.

Pools can be a time-filled investment though. Maintaining pools takes a lot of work. Some of it a savvy homeowner can do on their own. But unfortunately there are a few things that may involve calling a professional team in for some extensive pool repair.

If you're worried that your pool may be beyond your repair capabilities, keep reading. This post will help you find the answers to whether or not it might be time to get a professional team in to help.

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5 Supplies You'll Need to Keep a Steady Stock of When You Put in a Pool

Have you just put in a pool? You'll need certain pool equipment to maintenance it. Here are a few of the basics.

Adding a pool to your property is the fulfillment of a childhood dream. It is also a serious undertaking. It requires planning, a long period of construction, and a sizable chunk of change.

Once you have your pool installed, there are additional steps you have to take to maintain it. Namely, you need to stock up on pool equipment.

It can be tricky to think of every piece of equipment you need to keep your pool in tip-top shape. That is why we have made this list of five supplies to get you started on your journey to being the owner of a brand new pool.

Keep reading to find out how to maintain that ownership over the long haul.

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Do You Want a Swimming Pool? Know the Steps to Building a Pool

Has it always been your dream to have a swimming pool? If you're hiring a pro, you should know the process. There are necessary steps to building a pool.

In the summer months, having a swimming pool can really help take the heat away.

Average costs for a swimming pool installation are around $20,000, so you want to ensure you get value for your money by hiring a professional to do the job well.

But if you've never had a construction project like this, do you know what to expect before you hire a professional pool construction company?

To help you out, here are the steps to building a pool a professional will follow, from start to finish.

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The Ultimate Homeowner's Guide to Swimming Pool Maintenance and Why It's Necessary

Has your pool turned green and gross? You obviously weren't keeping up with swimming pool maintenance. Here's why the pros need to maintain your pool.

Did you know that your pool can add about 7 percent to the value of your home? Even if your pool isn't an Olympic stadium version, a swimming pool oasis is a welcome house feature.

In the hot Sacramento summer, a home without a pool is worth much less than one that has cool, inviting water and pleasant surroundings. Many families dream of splashing during the spring, summer, and autumn months. In fact, Sacramento pools are practically year round.

But how do you keep your water crystal-clear and inviting?

Read on to learn more.

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