Hot New 2019 Pool Designs For Your California Home

Hot New 2019 Pool Designs For Your California Home

Hot New 2019 Pool Designs For Your California Home

Spice up your backyard this summer with these new hot pool designs

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Summer is coming, and a backyard pool is essential for staying cool in the heat. In fact, California has the most swimming pools in the United States - 3,000,000 of them.

Of course, it's not cheap to build a brand new pool in your backyard. The national average sits at $22,000. It's an investment worth making, but why settle for a basic pool design when you can have something original?

To flesh out your pool plan, check out these hot 2019 pool designs.

2019 Pool Designs

The key to finding the best pool design for your home is finding the right contractor. They should have a portfolio of work you can browse, and it should even inspire you.

If you're struggling for ideas, consider these unique pool designs.

A Pool With a Lounge

A pool should not only make your home more enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing, but it should also be functional. Constructing a lounge area in your pool gives it more function.

Some of the most interesting pool designs have a lounge area built right into the pool itself. It may look like it's floating inside it. It's a hot design certain to impress guests.

A Pool With a Water Slide

Whether or not you have children, a pool with a water slide is fun for everyone. Adult guests will enjoy the nostalgia of sliding into your pool as much as younger guests.

If you do have kids, however, a water slide is a great way to keep them entertained for hours. Your pool will be the envy of the entire neighborhood.

A Walk In Pool

A walk in pool gently slopes into depth. This kind of pool design gives your pool a more beachy feel. It's a unique design that most neighborhood pools won't have.

These pools are also known as zero entry pools or beach entry pools. A hidden benefit of this design is that young children, the elderly, and people with disabilities can enter your pool more easily.

A Pool With Steps

While pools usually have stairs or steps inside them, few have them going across. Adding stepping stones to your pool is a good way to set it apart from other designs.

Stepping stones can help your pool attain a more natural look. They can even give it a sort of grotto effect.

A Pool in Nature

Although backyard pools are usually constructed, they are still your oasis. Why not make them look more natural?

Spending time in nature helps the human body relax. Spending time in your pool is also an effective way to relax. If you combine these two things, you can magnify your relaxation potential.

Don't forget to ask your contractor about how you can incorporate plants into your pool design.

Your New Pool

The new, 2019 pool designs are more imaginative than ever before. Of course, not every design will suit the aesthetic of your backyard.

With an expert pool contractor, you can focus your ideas and have a professional point you in the right direction. Don't hesitate to contact us at Hammerhead Pools today.