Inground pool ownership is going strong, according to the New Pool Index. Since 2009, a growing number of consumers and business owners have installed inground pools every year.

An inground pool is a fun and relaxing way to beat the heat in the summertime. However, it takes a lot of work to keep your pool in tip-top shape.

Greater Sacramento businesses and homeowners can avoid a range of problems while saving time and money by hiring an expert to provide year-round swimming pool care.

The following are five benefits of hiring a professional for your inground pool maintenance.

1. A Pool Pro Will Maintain Your Pool Chemicals

The most important part of keeping your pool crystal clear is proper weekly pool service and chemical maintenance. Chlorine kills germs and bacteria in your pool. Professional technicians maintain the right amount of chlorine in your pool by testing the pH level two or three times a week.

2. Professional Services Provide Shock Treatment and Algaecide for Inground Pool Maintenance

Sometimes, your pool needs more than standard chemical maintenance. If your pool water gets dirty despite regular service, a swimming pool maintenance service will shock your water to destroy bacteria and algae. If necessary, they’ll also treat the water with an algaecide.

3. Pool Techs Clean Your Filters Regularly

As a part of weekly pool maintenance, professional services regularly skim your pool to remove large debris. Filters, however, trap small dirt and debris that finds its way into your pool.

Lotion and sunscreen are essential for most people but wreak havoc with your filter system. The more sunscreen that you use, the more you’ll have to brush the surrounding tile, clean pool fixtures and filter your pool. A professional service can do it for you.

4. Covers Can Do More Harm Than Good

You would think that a pool cover would eliminate the need for a pool cleaning service. However, a cover can actually make things worse.

It takes more time to keep debris from falling in the pool than it does to perform regular maintenance. What’s more, a cover can promote bacteria and algae growth.

5. Inground Pool Care During the Off-Season

Pools need love in the off-season too. That’s right. Pool care is a year-round job. A profession pool service will close your pool at the end of the season.

Pool care specialists look for cracks, leaks, and other damage. They’ll repair any defects so that harsh weather doesn’t cause more harm.

Save Money and Time in the Long Run

It might be relaxing to skim the pool or fiddle with the filter occasionally, but proper inground pool maintenance takes a lot of work and time. The most crucial part of pool maintenance is consistency.

An inground pool can help you maintain your well-being, but is the work you must do to keep it clean worth the trade-off? You must service your pool regularly so that you can use it safely.

Is maintaining your pool taking up too much of your time? Call a friendly Hammerhead Pool Works representative today to find out how affordable and easy it is to take the work out of fun in the sun!