5 IMPORTANT CONSIDERATIONS TO MAKE BEFORE BUILDING A POOLBuilding a pool can be incredibly rewarding but requires a lot of planning and consideration! Learn about the important steps to take before the process.Keyword(s): building a pool

If you're looking to join the 10 million American homeowners who enjoy a backyard pool, then check out these 5 important considerations before jumping in.

Here's what you need to know before building a pool!

1. Check Your Property's Zoning

Most residential properties have zoning guidelines that dictate the location and size of the pool allowed on your property. They often include required safety equipment like fences and pool depth.

It's necessary to check with your city planner to understand the zoning laws that could affect whether or not you have a pool in your back yard.

2. Choosing a Construction Company

In California, if your construction project is over $500 you must hire a licensed contractor to perform the work.

Choosing the right pool contractor is key to getting the pool of your dreams at a reasonable price and timeframe.

Make sure your pool contractor has a lot of experience and can provide a gallery of past projects. They should offer a variety of options, be easy to get in touch with, and friendly.

3. Design and Function

Not all homeowners want the same kind of pool. Some want a splash area for younger kids to enjoy. Other's want a focal hot tub area. Some choose waterfall accents, and others choose to add a slide.

The pool you choose to build should reflect your interests! Talk with your pool contractor about the potential features, shapes, and other options available to you.

4. Building a Pool and Selecting the Proper Material

There are various types of pool material. Here are the basic options and a little about them:

  • Concrete: total flexibility on size and design, higher maintenance and cost
  • Fiberglass: low maintenance and cost, but limited size and shape options
  • Vinyl: lowest initial cost, higher lifetime cost, lower resale value

When choosing what material you want for your pool, consider the design you want as well as your budget. Remember that pools aren't just for swimming, they are a design statement for your home. Select the material that best allows you to make a statement at the price you can afford.

5. Non-Construction Expenses

There's more to the cost than just the construction or the installation. Insurance, taxes, and maintenance are often forgotten when considering the overall cost of a pool.

Your homeowner's insurance cost will increase with pool ownership. The liability of having a pool makes your insurance company more susceptible to claims, so your rates will increase.

Taxes on a $10,000+ sale are substantial. Don't forget to calculate them in your budget projections.

Maintenance will vary on the type of pool material you choose. Regardless, there will be costs associated with cleaning and maintenance over the lifetime of the pool.

You should also consider having a fund for repairs and equipment.

Jump In! The Water's Fine!

Now that you know what to consider before building a pool, it's time to get started on designing your home's outdoor oasis.

Contact us today to build the pool of your dreams! We specialize in custom pools to fit your needs and lifestyle.