WILL THE CALIFORNIA WATER LAWS FROM 2018 CHANGE YOUR POOL USE?The way we use water in California changes this year. Will the California water laws in 2018 change how you use your pool? See how it applies to your pool here.Keyword(s): california water laws 2018

In case you haven't heard, California has some new water laws.

These laws went into effect for 2019 and could affect how Sacramento-area pool owners use and maintain their pools.

If this is you, keep reading about how the 2018 California water laws might affect your use of your pool this summer.

Indoor Use is Specific

The new water conservation laws limit indoor water use to 55 gallons per person. In 2020, your indoor usage allowance goes down to 52.5 gallons per person. You'll get only 50 gallons per person by 2030.

There are steep fines for exceeding your water usage allowance. Local water districts are responsible for monitoring and enforcing penalties if you violate your usage.

When it comes to outdoor use, the rules aren't as clear--yet.

Outdoor Usage Requirements Are Coming

We'll soon see the local requirements for outdoor water use. These rules will take place at the local level based on local climates and precipitation levels.

Without specifics yet, what does that mean for your pool?

It's not a bad idea to go ahead and think conservatively when it comes to your pool water usage. When the Sacramento-area restrictions are in place, you'll be ready.

Good Maintenance Saves Pool Water

Taking good care of your pool helps conserve water.

It's critical to keep up regular cleaning and maintenance for your pool. Good maintenance keeps your pool safe for friends and family.

Without proper maintenance, you'll deal with repairs. Keep a close eye out for algae build-up, cracks, and cloudy water.

Treat these issues sooner rather than later to avoid having to drain a pool (and waste gallons of water) for your pool company to make repairs.

Good Behavior Conserves Water

Water conservation is good pool behavior--with or without outdoor water usage restrictions.

Make a few adjustments to how you use your pool. You'll find you're saving water with some simple tweaks:

  • Save splashing for in the pool--When you or your kids get out of the pool, try to minimize the amount of water you take out with you. Splash while in the pool. Keep as much water as you can in the pool.
  • Only clean the filters when it's needed--When debris gets in the pool, your filters clean it out of the water. Changing the filter activates the pump to backwash water out of the filter. Minimizing how often you clean or change the filters helps save water.

Small steps add up when it comes to water conservation. Making changes now prepares you for upcoming water limits.

Be Aware of 2018 California Water Laws

The 2018 California water laws are in place for indoor use. But never too soon to conserve as much water outdoors as we can.

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