Taking the plunge this year and installing a backyard pool?

If so, you'll join many happy pool owners who know there’s nothing better than slipping into a cool water paradise on a hot summer day.

A swimming pool is a perfect addition to your California home. But how do you choose the best one?

We’ve put together a quick guide. Read it and learn more about choosing the best pool for your unique needs.

First Set Your Budget

Whether the sky’s the limit, or you have a more conservative budget, the financial discussion is the least fun part of the pool selection process.

Installation isn’t the only cost factor. Consider maintenance costs. Maintenance includes:

  • Pool chemicals
  • Testing kits
  • Energy costs

If you want a sparkling clean swimming pool, you should also consider professional pool cleaning.

Setting your budget first will make it easier and more fun to take the next step in the pool selection process.

Who's in the Swimming Pool?

Before you decide on size and shape, think about how you’ll use the pool.

If you have teenagers consider a big, deep pool suitable for diving. If you’re more interested in the entertainment factor, look at pools with a depth of 3-6 feet. This gives you a larger shallow end—perfect both for little swimmers and socializing with adult friends.

You may have dreams of being the neighborhood hangout. Or, perhaps your vision is more of a secluded, quiet oasis.

How you plan to use the pool along with the available space determines pool size.

Does the Pool Fit?

Now that you’ve thought about how you’ll enjoy your pool, make sure you choose one to fit your space.

On one hand, space doesn’t mean you’re stuck with a tiny pool. On the other, it doesn’t mean you should fill the entire available space with the swimming pool.

A pool measuring 14x30 to 16x34 is versatile enough that it fits the needs of most pool owners. Perfect for water polo matches, or an evening of drinks and food poolside.

If you have a small space, consider a plunge pool. Plunge pools average 7 x 12 feet with a depth of around 54 to 60 inches.

Don’t forget about the patio area. How much patio space do you want around the pool? Think about furniture and other items like a grill and firepit.

Now you can figure out where you'll put the pool.

Follow the Sun

Choose a spot on your property where the pool will receive full sun during late morning and afternoon.

Following this rule means you shouldn’t need a pool heater. Of course, if you live in an area with warm temperatures most of the year, you can enjoy an extended swimming season by installing a heater.

Your swimming pool builder is an excellent resource for helping with pool placement.

Choose Your Water Features

Why settle for just a pool when you can splurge for a few fun extras? Popular water features include:

  • Tanning ledges
  • Water walls
  • Waterfalls
  • Deck jets
  • Fountains

If you have kids, they’ll love a slide. You can also add a little spice to your swimming pool by building a grotto.

Ready to Swim?

Hopefully, our quick guide pool inspired your inner pool designer. Once you’ve set your budget, decided how you’ll use your pool, and calculated available space, it’s time to take the next step.

We’ve been in the business of helping people choose their swimming pool for a long time. Contact us and set up a pool consultation.