Looking for the hottest pool design ideas? Everyone needs a little upgrade in their lives any now and again. You backyard and back patio area are no different.

Give your backyard a little life back with a new pool design. Indulge in the comfort of innovative designs that work to make your life awesome. These designs feature everything from energy efficiency to cutting-edge technology.

Take a peek into your future and dive deep into the top five hottest pool designs on the market!

1. Pool Design Ideas That'll Change up Your Party Game

Now, you can have a pool that has speakers inside to play your party tunes. You won't have to worry about electricity sockets causing havoc. Or worse, dropping your smartphone into the pool!

You can pick your tunes and have them play from safe speakers alongside your pool. Opt for some colorful pool lighting to up the cool vibes. You can also have the option to switch between color or plain white.

2. Floating Chairs, Bar, and Steps

Why make your party guests travel to the kitchen for a refill on their drink? Throw in a floating bar with stools to keep the relaxation going. Also, floating steps help to accent the lining of the pool.

If you're not into the party scene, you might choose floating steps for the modern finish.

3. Mix It up a Bit

We like to think outside the box and get creative with our swimming pool designs. The best way to get to an amazing design fast is to play around with different features. A gorgeous combo is a glass wall in a rim pool.

For properties overlooking the seaside, you'll find that this is the loveliest choice. The glass walls with a rim pool give the illusion of being a part of the ocean! Plus, it's tons of fun to swim under the water and peek out at the ocean view.

4. Simple Geometry Allows for Jaw-Dropping Designs

It's surprising what simple shapes are able to do for your pool. Flesh out a good design with textile patterns. Also, finding the perfect placement for your pool can make a difference.

Service your pool on the regular to prolong the life of the material. Most pools come in concrete, vinyl liner, or fiberglass. Each material comes at a different cost with fiberglass being the cheapest of the three.

Keep in mind that each option has its pros and cons!

5. Making Pool Maintenance Easier

Like any other appliance in a home, pools need maintenance. A good pool design will work to make your maintenance routine easier. Avoid common pool problems by investing in the right material for your pool lining.

Getting the Pool of Your Dreams

We have pool design ideas to exceed your every desire. If you're not sure what you want, you can start by checking out our gallery! We strive to build the highest-quality pools for our clients.

Let us tag along with you on your creative journey. Contact us for helpful advice and tips or questions about designs!