As service professionals is to provide the best quality of
service and to insure the customer is completely satisfied with
the services  we are providing. With over 10 years in the
swimming pool industry and extensive training in its service
and construction fields, we are fully qualified to handle any
and all of your swimming pool related issues. This industry is
constantly updating and as a company we feel that the more
knowledgeable and prepared we are the easier it is for us to
help our customers make an informed decision.
Your back yard should be an enjoyable experience for
you and your family. Lets us help you keep the stress of
maintenance out of your backyard oasis.
Contact us:  916-753-5584
Mike and his employees did an
outstanding job installing the
equipment on my pool two years ago.  
I recently had a glitch in the computer
system and the pool sweep stopped
functioning.  One call to Mike is all
that it took.  He responded to my
residence on the next business day to
trouble shoot the problem.  It required
a second service call to update the
system and he did so in short order.  
He is knowledgeable and personable
when getting the job done.   He is my
pool professional of choice.

                                Larry S.
                 El Dorado Hills, CA

FINALLY,  I found a pool company
that  can trust to clean my pool so it
looks like the resort pool I have
always wanted.
Over the past 10 years I have had 4
different pool services. All of them
started out OK, but then after a few
months, they spent less and less time
cleaning. Then eventually, just
running into my backyard, testing the
chemicals and running back out.  
I love Hammerhead pool service
because Mike hires hard working
trustworthy guys like Ben and Dean.  
Ben is my pool guy. He is reliable,
friendly and does an excellent job
making sure my pool chemicals are
adjusted properly. He scrubs my pool
every week. My pool is crystal clear
and free of leaves.
I am truly happy with Hammerhead
Pool Service.
            Mary O.
           El Dorado Hills, CA
Our Goal;