5 Questions to Ask When Your Pool Needs Repairs (and the Answers)

5 Questions to Ask When Your Pool Needs Repairs (and the Answers)

5 Questions to Ask About Pool Repair (and the Answers)

Do you need a pool repair service? Here are a few questions you should ask beforehand and the answers.

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For many homeowners having a pool is a great way to boost their property values.

Pools can be a time-filled investment though. Maintaining pools takes a lot of work. Some of it a savvy homeowner can do on their own. But unfortunately there are a few things that may involve calling a professional team in for some extensive pool repair.

If you're worried that your pool may be beyond your repair capabilities, keep reading. This post will help you find the answers to whether or not it might be time to get a professional team in to help.

1. Algae Filled Water

If your pool is full of algae it may be time to call in a pool repair service.

While it may seem like an easy enough thing to fix yourself, some algae may be difficult to eradicate on your own. Draining your pool will allow a cleaning crew to get down and dirty with your pool lining.

Scrubbing it clean with brushes and algae killing chemicals will help prevent further blooms from expanding. It's very important that you are aware of chemical safety procedures.

2. Cracked Lining

One of the most detrimental things to a pool is a damaged lining.

While many homeowners may stick with vinyl linings, these are not always the most durable. They can be prone to tearing and weakening. Vinyl linings are relatively easy to fix.

Fiberglass linings are farm ore durable. This type of lining will prolong your pool's life. But if the worst should happen and it cracks, it will be very difficult to repair yourself.

If you believe your pool is leaking and that it's because the lining is cracked, it may be time to call in a professional team.

3. Deep Cleaning

Keeping your pool clean can be a trying process. No one likes deep cleaning. It's time-consuming and difficult to get right. Deep cleanings should happen at the beginning and end of pool season.

Acid washing your pool will help remove algae and calcium build up. It's always a good idea to have weekly cleanings for your pool. This will help offset some of the end-of-season strain that might occur from poor pool maintenance.

4. Cloudy Water

Sometimes a pool's chemical balance can be interrupted. It may be corrected by the pool owner but if it's an ongoing problem it may be time to call in your repair specialists.

Pool chemistry is tricky to get right. You don't want to endanger swimmers' lives by getting it wrong. If you're not sure about your chemist abilities, give your maintenance team a call.

Call the Experts for Your Pool Repair Needs

Owning and maintaining a pool can be a complicated job. But with a professional team at your back, you'll be sure to keep your pool healthy for years to come.

If you're worried that something might have gone wrong with your pool or if you're just not up to the weekly cleanings that have to occur, give us a call.

Our professional staff will walk you through our pool repair process and find a good maintenance program for your lifestyle.