The Ultimate Homeowner's Guide to Swimming Pool Maintenance and Why It's Necessary

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The Ultimate Homeowner's Guide to Swimming Pool Maintenance and Why It's Necessary

The Ultimate Homeowner's Guide to Swimming Pool Maintenance

Has your pool turned green and gross? You obviously weren't keeping up with swimming pool maintenance. Here's why the pros need to maintain your pool.

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Did you know that your pool can add about 7 percent to the value of your home? Even if your pool isn't an Olympic stadium version, a swimming pool oasis is a welcome house feature.

In the hot Sacramento summer, a home without a pool is worth much less than one that has cool, inviting water and pleasant surroundings. Many families dream of splashing during the spring, summer, and autumn months. In fact, Sacramento pools are practically year round.

But how do you keep your water crystal-clear and inviting?

Read on to learn more.

Pool Maintenance 101

Whether you choose to DIY or to hire a pool maintenance company, there are some basics. The schedule revolves around weekly, monthly, and seasonal tasks.

A few times a week

  • Check the water level
  • Run your pump and filter
  • Check your pH and chlorine levels
  • Check your pool cleaner and skimmer baskets

Your swimming pool water level must be kept at a certain level for your pool skimmers to work correctly. Some pools have a float valve that automatically turns on the water to fill whenever it gets low.

A quick glance at your gauges and the filter to see if the baskets need to be emptied is a daily task. Of course, take a listen and notice any strange noises or signs of extra high or low pressure that may require a service visit.

Your pool cleaner, pH, and chlorine aren't a daily thing unless your pool is in heavy use. A minimum of 2-3 times a week is ideal.

Every Week to Two Weeks

The following tasks should be done on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule.

  • Skim the surface
  • Vacuum the pool
  • Brush the pool walls and floor

If you have a pool cleaner robot, you can set it up to vacuum the pool floor. You will still need to do some regular skimming. Use a brush on the pool walls and floors to prevent algae from forming.

  • Adjust alkalinity
  • Add algaecide, clarifier, enzymes, etc.

Keep your pool pH level consistent. A total pool water balance check every week and a weekly dose of algae control, anti-staining chemical or flocculant should be part of your schedule.

Monthly Pool Maintenance

You should perform the following maintenance tasks monthly to keep your pool in good working order.

  • Backwash the filter
  • Shock the pool
  • Adjust water for calcium and acid levels
  • Clean the insides of the skimmers
  • Scrub the water line

A monthly shock may not be necessary, but it is a good habit to keep bacteria and algae under control. You may be able to stretch pool shocks out to every six weeks. Use your test kit to determine how often.

Calcium should be in a range of 200-400 ppm, cyanuric acid levels should be in the range of 30-40 ppm. Use a scrubber sponge and a small amount of chlorine-based cleanser to clean the inside the skimmer and the water line. Monthly removal of the oily scum and dirt keeps the job small.

Once a Season

Don't forget to perform these tasks once a season.

  • Tune-up the mechanicals
  • Lubricate O-rings
  • Clean or change the filter
  • Inspect the cover

These tasks might require a professional to take care of the mechanicals.

Happy, Healthy Pools Need Care

Do these tasks seem overwhelming? Ask our experts how we can increase the time you spend enjoying your pool. Reduce the amount of time and effort you put into pool maintenance.

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